Obina Hop Farm

Obina Hops is dedicated to growing the best of American hops on the best of Japanese soil, tenderly grown natural environment of Obina, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. We offer local brewers a wide variety of aroma and bittering hops for American-style craft brews

Obina Hop Farm Mission

Obina Hops aims to provide a wide selection of fresh, high-quality, locally grown American and Japanese hops to craft brewers locally and beyond.

We want local brewers to be able to get the hops they need without having to order and wait for them to be shipped from overseas. We hope to work with other hop growers and craft beer lovers to increase the craft beer experience for a wider portion of Japanese society. Because we love the natural environment, we strive to create a farming model that is based on a sustainable, environmentally-friendly growing technique.

Obina Hop Farm Location

Hops grow best in the latitude zone between 35 and 55 degrees. Yamanashi Prefecture, with its mountains, lush soil and plentiful sunshine, lies in this zone at a latitude of 35.6 degrees. Near the city of Kofu, in beautiful Yamanashi Prefecture, Obina is a luscious mountain community rich in soil, water, and sunshine; a perfect environmental combination for growing hops.

Beginnings & Beyond

As a lover of Craft Beer, and a native of the Pacific Northwest, owner Dave Prucha decided to import hops from Oregon in 2019 and started growing 8 different types of American hops.

Our Hops

We are now growing 19 types of American hops and 2 types of Japanese hops and are dedicated to increasing output and variety in order to provide brewers around Japan with fresh American hops at an affordable price. Some of the hops we grow include:

  • Citra
  • Cascade
  • Fuggle
  • Nelson Sauvin
  • Sorachi Ace

Our hops are growing incredibly well on our farm and we have now constructed our fourth hop yard with more projects scheduled. We hope that you can join us in our quest to make the best hops and help our local brewers make the most delicious beer!